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AwardCraft Update 1/26/18

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by theosong, Jan 26, 2018.

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    Dec 31, 2017
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    Hey there folks! We've recently added and updated some plugins within our server. Most of these changes are general house keeping and management you don't need to worry about, but I do believe you will be excited to hear we have added a way to mine, collect and, change the mob type of Monster Spawners! Here's how this update works;

    Step 1.
    Locate a Mob Spawner 377Y353W.png

    Step 2. Break the Spawner with either the "Silk Touch" or "Fortune" enchantment on any pickaxe. This will give you a chance to receive an empty Monster Spawner.**
    **(Varying levels of fortune give varying percentages of dropping mob spawners)

    Step 3. Place your Monster Spawner where ever you would like. Once you place down your spawner you may change its Mob type with a Spawn Egg. 6H0V9C6u.png 9z1J5715.png

    Step 4. Spawn Eggs are crafting in one of two ways, depending on if they are a Hostile Mob or a Friendly Mob. (For a full list of Spawn Egg crafting recipes click here.)

    Friendly Mob Eggs are crafted like this:

    Hostile Mob Eggs are crafted like this:

    If you are having trouble crafting these spawn eggs or using a monster spawner that you placed please contact a staff member and we will try and assist you.

    We are excited and are looking forward to seeing our community use these new tools to build even greater and more efficient farms than ever before.
    The AwardCraft Staff Team
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